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TripConnect is a new feature.  This feature will give you a direct link from TripAdvisor to your website.

1. You need to use Sirvoy Premium. Upgrade to Sirvoy Premium under Settings-> Your account-> Account type. Read more about Sirvoy Premium here. 

2. Fill in your TripAdvisor id under Settings-> Channels-> Integration with TripAdvisor. (If you don´t know your TripAdvisor id, go to tripadvisor.com and “search” for your hotel. When you find it, you´ll see your id in the address field. It´s 6-7 numbers directly after the letter “d”.) Please note that it might take 24 hours after you completed step 2 before you’re able to activate the connection through your Tripadvisor account as described below in step 3.

3. The rest of the sign-up is done on your TripAdvisor account:

  • Log in to the Management Centre
  • Accept the TripConnect Terms and Conditions to participate in this program
  • Purchase a “Business Listing subscriber” if you are not currently subscribers
  • Verify your IBE – You will be asked to confirm that your IBE is the one that are listing
  • Confirm the languages in which your Booking Page is translated in
  • Verify your Links – You will be shown an example of link to insure this is your property.  This link is provided by the IBE
  • Set up campaign
  • Set up a payment method for traffic you are going to receive
  • Start receiving traffic.

Common problem: TripConnect doesn´t recognize that you are having a valid booking software. Solution: Wait! We have notice that it can take up to 36h after you have filled in your TripAdvisor id in Sirvoy before TripAdvisor can recognize your Sirvoy account.

Read more about TripConnect at the following links: