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It can be useful to sort your accommodation types into categories if you provide different kinds of accommodations or if you provide accommodations in different locations. When this feature is activated then the guests will have to choose a category at the first step of the booking process and they will only see the accommodations from that category.

Another way to accomplish a similar result is to create several booking forms, you can read more about Sirvoy’s multiple booking form feature on this support page.

Follow these instructions to create new categories:

  1. Make sure that you use Sirvoy Premium by going to Settings -> Your account  -> Account type.
  2. Go to Settings -> Accommodation -> categorize accommodation categories.
  3. Fill in a Label (Such as Which hotel:)
  4. Click Add new Category . Give the new category a name (eg. First Hotel).  Save.
  5. Repeat the previous point for each category you need to create. (eg. Second Hotel and Third Hotel)
  6. Go into each accommodation type by going to Settings -> Accommodation and mark the check box next to the category they belong to.
  7. Go to Settings -> Your website -> A booking form for your website -> Booking form -> Edit -> Categories. Activate the category feature.