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How to set up channel management with Expedia Quickconnect and VenereConnect (listed below as the sales channel). When activated availability will automatically be updated as bookings are received.

  1. Register an account with Expedia.
  2. Make sure that you use Sirvoy Premium. If you use Sirvoy Basic you can upgrade by going to Settings -> Your account -> Account type -> Edit.
  3. Connect to Expedia Quickconnect or VenereConnect on your Sirvoy account by going to Settings -> Channels -> Integration with Expedia. You will also find a form there that needs to be filled in and emailed. Send the Expedia QuickConnect document to eqchelp@expedia.com
  4. A few days after this is completed we will send you your Hotel ID which you can use to synchronize your Expedia account with your Sirvoy account by going to Settings -> Channels -> Integration with Expedia. You will there be asked to map or match your available Expedia accommodation types with your Sirvoy accommodation types. Have a look at this support page, about synchronizing your Sirvoy accommodation units with your Expedia accommodation units, to accomplish this successfully.
  5. Inform us at support@sirvoy.com when your accommodations have been mapped and we will activate the channel for you.
  • The number of rooms that are available through the sales channel is based on the number of rooms that are registered under the accommodation types in Sirvoy. All accommodation types available in the sales channel must have a corresponding accommodation type in Sirvoy. However, is it possible to have accommodation types in Sirvoy which are not available in the sales channel.
  • Make sure that your prices are set as OBP (Occupancy based pricing) and LAR (Lowest Available Rate) on your channels extranet.
  • When activated the availability will be updated for about 12-18 months into the future (depending on the sales channel and connection). When the system is starting it’s initial update it can take 1-2 hours for the entire period to be synchronised, as there is so much information to transfer the first time. After that Sirvoy will be continuously updating the availability of the sales channel, whenever a change occurs in Sirvoy, and vice versa. Blocked days which you registered on Sirvoy will automatically be transferred to the sales channel as well.
  • Pricing is not updated automatically. They can be specified via the sales channel’s admin pages, but you can also manually send a price update from Sirvoy to the sales channel.
  • If a temporary error would occur in transferring a reservation between the sales channel and Sirvoy then the sales channel will send over the reservation by fax instead according to normal routine.
  • Be aware that even if the synchronization of bookings between your channel and your Sirvoy account almost are immediate it’s still a possibility of double bookings to be made if bookings are made exactly at the same time. This will happen very rarely even for very busy hotels.